Some Natural Acne Cures

Acne is a blight on many peoples lives. This skin disease usuallu forms where you least want it to be, such as the face and neck. Acne, in most cases appears during puberty and may last for a short while to many years.

Many young people spend time finding out what will clear there acne and will ask around their friends what has worked for them.

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Yes, there are many treatments to choose from but only a few of them will get rid of acne.

However, more of us are turning to a more natural alternative for acne treatment. Many natural acne treatments are uncomplicated to use and gentle on the skin. They are also known to have very little or no side effects and are usually the cheaper option. Don’t let the lower cost fool you as they can be just as effective as the chemical based treatments.

In the past, many experts refused to believe in the benefits of using natural based acne treatments. But times have changed and medical professionals will often recommend a natural solution as a viable alternative medication.

Antibiotics have usually been used in the past to clear acne from the skin but it is now known that too much use of antibiotics may result in your body building up an immunity to them, which could be a negative effect if you ever need to take antibiotics in the future for any other illness.

When we mention natural cures for acne, we mean ingredients such as Tea tree oil, vitamin A and Zinc.

Tea tree oil comes from the 200 and more species of the Melaleuca tree. The Australian Aborigines were the first to discover and use this oil as they would use the leaves to cure headaches by chewing on them. Since then, research has proven that Tea tree oil is also antibacterial and antifungal as well.

A lack of Zinc in the body is widely believed to contribute to the onset of acne. Zinc helps when it comes to healing wounds such as acne blemishes and scars.

Vitamin A is also very important for the body to have. It appears in much of our food, both natural and processed. This vitamin plays a big role in the health of the skin.

There is no getting away from the natural side of acne treatments. Many people have gone natural and have had great results.

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