Products Available To Treat Acne

Acne is a common problem that many people will suffer from at some point during their lives.  Although mostly associated with adolescents’ acne can affect anyone at any age.  The main cause for acne is thought to be changes in the balance of our hormones.  If left untreated acne can become sore and inflamed and eventually lead to permanent scarring.

If you have been affected with acne you will be aware of the hundreds of products that are available on the market which claim to eliminate the blackheads and whiteheads and leave your skin perfectly clear and healthy.  The trouble is, with all the marketing behind these products it’s tough to know which product is best for you. 

Acne treatments come in various forms some of which are:

  • Face masks and scrubs
  • Toners
  • Soaps
  • Cleansers
  • Acne scar treatments
  • And Moisturizers


Now the above products are not all for treating acne.  Some of them are just suitable for use on acne infected skin. This means they probably won’t cause any more irritation to your skin.  All of these products are readily available in supermarkets and grocery stores worldwide.  You can even purchase products form the internet via mail order.  It is important to remember though, when thinking about purchasing acne products like this is to research the products carefully and even think about visiting a dermatologist.  If you don’t you could end up causing more damage to your skin and creating further problems.

A dermatologist will talk you through the products available and identify the ones that will work well for your skin type.  In severe cases of acne it is possible to have medicine prescribed.  These prescribed medicines usually contain antibiotics and are taken orally.

Topical ointments can contain benzoyl peroxide.  Applied to the affected areas the benzoyl works to kill the bacteria that can form pimples.  Although these products don’t work for everyone, products containing benzoyl peroxide are thought to be the best over-counter products available on the market today.

Don’t forget, that using medication is only one part to treating acne.  The other can be done very simply and easily by you at home.  Taking good care of your skin by washing once or twice a day with clean soapy water can help to prevent the buildup of bacteria in the skin.  Also drinking plenty of water (eight glasses a day is the recommended amount) will help to keep your skin and pores healthy.


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