How To Prevent Acne

The million dollar question!  If there was a clear cut solution to preventing acne then acne cures would not be huge business.  The truth is that acne can not be prevented by doing one thing or by not doing another.

Although there is no clear cure or prevention for acne, it does not mean that there is nothing you can do to help the situation.  Below are a few ways in which you can reduce an acne outbreak or help to control it.

A:  This may be an obvious step, but, just keeping your face and skin clear of oil and grease can dramatically reduce the risk of acne.  Simply washing twice a day with the usual soap and water can reduce the build up of grease and bacteria in your skins pores and thus prevent an out break of spots.

B:  Constantly touching your face with dirty hands can also cause spots.  When you do this you are spreading bacteria and this can result in acne.

C:  If you find you are having an acne breakout using topical ointments can help to control it but do not try to squeeze or break the pimples as this can make the acne worse and lead to scarring.

D:  A healthy balanced diet can control acne to an extent.  Be aware that foods that contain high sugar and fat content can also lead to spot outbreaks.  Drinking plenty of water can help to flush the skin of its toxins.  The recommended daily amount is eight glasses.

Following the above simple steps may help to reduce an onset of acne or help to control acne.  If you still find that you are struggling to keep your acne under control you should think about visiting a dermatologist.  A dermatologist can assess your skin condition and prescribe medicated treatments that are suitable for your skin type and type of acne that you have.



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