Feline Acne

Just like humans, cats can also develop acne.  Although very common, feline acne usually goes unnoticed.  Feline acne can affect any type of cat and is not breed or sex related. 

As cats are obviously furry creatures, it is not always easy to tell if and when they have a skin condition.  Acne is more obvious in white or pale coloured cats as fur can become discoloured with a yellowish greasy tinge.  The discolouration is caused by the build up of comedones (blackheads) around the cats chin.

Cats can have feline acne three or four times a year and will probably go completely unnoticed by you.  It is very rarely serious, and usually doesn’t cause harm or discomfort to your cat.

A common sign that a cat may have acne is if they rub their faces a lot, against objects around the house or even you!   The acne can appear as black dirt that is difficult to remove even when cleaned.  Most cases of cat acne are not serious and usually clear up of their own accord but occasionally the acne can develop into something more serious if left untreated.  In rare cases infection can spread and the area may become swollen and cause discomfort for the cat.

Feline acne can be treated in similar ways to human acne.  A veterinarian can prescribe medicated topical creams for you to use containing antibacterial or anti fungal ingredients.  In severe cases steroids can be prescribed to reduce the swelling of badly infected feline acne.

Most veterinarians will suggest that you clean the infected area of your cat daily using an antibacterial soap specially designed for cats; they also may suggest using benzoyl peroxide shampoo once or twice a week. 

If you think your cat may have feline acne, do not panic; if you feel that you cat may need treatment, it’s always best to consult your veterinarian and make sure that you are using the right products for your cat.


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