How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars - Part 2

During the early days getting rid of acne scars was very nearly impossible, but with the advances of medicine and dermatological treatments getting rid of acne scarring can be possible and sometimes even perfect.

Those who have suffered from extremely bad cases of acne can be left with deep scarring of tissue on the face, neck and back.  This scarring can be unsightly and many sufferers experience low self esteem and body image and simply hate the sight of it.  Acne usually starts during puberty, and as puberty subsides the acne scarring also fades, but not everyone is this lucky!

The treatments for removing acne scars can differ from patient to patient.  Key factors that can affect the success of treatment are: The severity of the scar, the age of the scar, the person’s skin type and even diet and lifestyle can affect the treatments.

Current treatments available to reduce the appearance of acne scarring include:

Skin Peeling – This is a common treatment used to reduce the scars of acne.  This particular treatment requires several sessions, the harsher the acne scars are; the more sessions will be needed.

Dermabrasion – This treatment involves removing the top layer of facial skin using a specialized machine.  Dermabrasion is not only used for acne scars but is commonly used for all types of scarring, from surgical scars to irregularities on the skin surface.

AFT Autologous Fat Transfer – This is one of the most recently discovered remedies to minimizing the appearance of scarring.  It is a procedure used for nodulocystic acne scars.  This treatment involves a surgical skin graft, where fat is extracted from another part of the body and injected into the affected scarred tissue.

Collagen – The injected collagen acts as a replacement for the collagen that has originally been lost from the scarred skin.

Laser Surgery – This treatment involves using a laser light to remove the top layer of skin from a scarred area.  Similar to a chemical peel, this procedure requires precision and a certified dermatologist to do the job.  Laser removal can also be expensive.

Removing the appearance of old acne scars is much more achievable now with the advancement of these treatments.  Always make sure that you decide together with your dermatologist on which treatment is best for you.







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