Acne During Pregnancy

Being pregnant can be a stressful time for many first time mothers.  Carrying the extra weight around and feeling clumsy and unattractive are but some of the rigours of pregnancy. Unfortunately, for a few women, pregnancy can also bring about the onset of acne.  This acne, caused by the varying hormones in the early stages of pregnancy, can be equally just as upsetting.

Even women, who have been fortunate enough to have had perfectly clear skin throughout puberty and growing up, may experience the out break of acne during pregnancy.  Acne related to pregnancy usually shows itself during the first trimester.  This is when the women’s hormones are at their most unsettled.

The biggest problem with treating acne in pregnant women is being able to know which treatments are safe to use and will not harm the unborn baby.  This is particularly so when trying to use a topical cream, due to the chemicals that can be used to make them.

It is always best to consult your doctor before treating the acne by yourself.  Your doctor will be able to tell you which creams you will be able to use and will cause no threat to you or your unborn child.

Another professional who could help you to choose a treatment for your acne is a dermatologist.  He/she will also be able to identify products that will be safe to use.

There are plenty of herbal remedies for Acne that are available but you MUST ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR before taking them.  “Herbal” does not always mean “SAFE” and you could harm your baby by taking them.

In this day and age pregnant women do not have to suffer the affects of acne as there are many ways to help cure the condition.  Providing you take the correct approach and consult with your doctor, you will soon find that you are enjoying the benefits of your clean, clear, glowing skin!



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