Acne Foruncular – A Natural Treatment

Acne foruncular appears as painful nodules or boils on the face, neck and armpits.  The Acne is caused by bacteria called staphylococci. 

The most common way to treat this form of acne is medicinal drugs and creams that can cause side effects to those using them. With the increase of peoples awareness of chemical use in medicine, many people are searching for a more natural, healthier alternative to prescribed medicines.  

There are many natural treatments available for acne and Foruncular.  The problem is of cause that not every treatment will work for you.  As we all have different skin types and react differently to various products you may find that it takes a while to find the right treatment for you.  But once you find that treatment you’ll be glad you did.

Some of the most popular ingredients for making natural treatments for acne include; Honey, Rosewater, Lemon Juice, Aloe Vera, Neem Oil and many more.

One recipe you could try is: 
1 Tablespoon of Gram Flour
1 Tablespoon of Honey
1 pinch of Turmeric

Apply to the affected areas and leave for 15–20 minutes then wash away with warm water.  This is an excellent treatment for acne and repeated use could see fantastic results.

Black Mud soap and Green Clay are products that you can buy from most health stores.  Effective for some people these natural soaps help to clean the skins pores and prevent bacterial build up that result in spots.

Oatmeal with warm water is another fantastic treatment you could try.  The oatmeal acts as a drawing agent that draws out the dirt and bacteria in the skin and leaves the skin feeling cleansed and fresh. 

Lemon Juice and Orange juice have great cleansing properties.  Apply to the skin with a cotton pad two to three times a week and you’ll soon see a difference in the appearance of the acne.  The lemon and orange juice will help with the redness and inflammation.

Another great treatment for Foruncular not to be overlooked is good diet and hygiene.  Drinking plenty of water and reducing fatty and sugary snacks can improve the condition of your skin greatly.  Keeping the skin clean by washing twice a day will help to prevent the build up of grease and dirt on the skin and help your acne to heal quicker.



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