Acne Comedoniano – A Natural Treatment

Acne Comedoniano is the term used for acne that produces both black heads and white heads and is most commonly found on the chin and forehead.  Caused by increased levels of hormone imbalance this form of acne is the most common one around.

Although there are plenty of products on the market that are targeted towards sufferers of Acne Comedoniano there are also many home remedies that contain natural ingredients and no chemical content.

Natural treatments for the clogged pores of acne comedoniano include:

Green Tea – Green tea has natural anti-oxidant properties. 

Home Made Face Mask – Made with Lemon, aloe Vera, lettuce leaves and water of fenugreek.  Applied liberally to the face this mask is great for all types of acne as well as comedoniano.

Oatmeal – Oatmeal has drawing properties and when applied to affected acne areas can draw out the dirt and grease that is clogging the skins pores and causing spotty outbreaks.

Green Clay and Black Mud – Using the same drawing out process of the oatmeal the clay and mud can be mixed with water and used like soap.  Both items are readily available on the market.

Of course all of the above remedies must be used in conjunction with daily cleansing and exfoliating which all sufferers of any form of acne will benefit from.  Also you should be aware that your diet can affect the state of your acne and even make the situation worse.  Try to lesson the quantities of high sugary foods and high fat foods that you consume and also drink plenty of fluids to help flush the skin and pores.

A visit to a specialized dermatologist is also something I would definitely advise sufferers of any form of acne to do.  They can give great advice and point you in the right direction for treating your acne in the best way.  They can test your skin type and make sure that you are using treatments appropriate for you.

Follow these simple tips and you could improve the appearance of your acne within a few weeks.






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